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MArS Market Access & Pricing Strategy is an active member in the following associations.

German Health Economic Association (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gesundheitsökonomie, DGGÖ)

The German Health Economic Association (DGGÖ) supports the science, research and communication of health economics in Germany including the advice of governments in Germany (national, regional, local).

Dr. Walzer is the chair of the committee "Inpatient care" of the German Health Economic Association (DGGÖ) and also leads the working group for "Innovation in hospitals". Mr. Vollmer is a member of the working group "E-Health".

Website: www.dggoe.de 

National Association of Managed Care (Bundesverband Managed Care, BMC)

The National Association of Managed Care (BMC) acts as a key organization to improve and prepare the health system in Germany for the future. It is well connected with key health care (policy) decision makers on all levels of the system.

MArS is an institutional member at the National Association for Managed Care in Germany. Besides presentations at the annual conferences, MArS is currently also organizing the BMC regional group for Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Website: www.bmcev.de 

Austrian Health Economics Association (ATHEA)

The Austrian Health Economics Association (ATHEA) wants to foster the development of health economics and its application to national health policies as well as promoting cooperations among scientists from the field of health economics and related areas in Austria.

Dr. Walzer was a leading individual in the foundation of the network for Austrian health economists which finally ended in the Austrian Health Economic Association. MArS is actively participating at the annual conference and further cooperations.

Website: www.athea.at 

International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR)

The International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) advances the policy, science, and practice of pharmacoeconomics (health economics) and outcomes research (the scientific discipline that evaluates the effect of health care interventions on patient well-being including clinical, economic, and patient-centered outcomes) and is the leading global professional society in this discipline.

MArS and its team are a long-standing member of ISPOR and are leading members of the committee for "Medical nutrition economics". Additionally, MArS is actively participating in the annual European ISPOR conferences with poster presentations and issue panels.

Website: www.ispor.org 

German Network Success Factor Family

Content is important but even more is the company's culture! MArS is a proud member of the German network "Success factor family" which describes the flexible work environment of its team.

  • Home office for all team members 
  • Daily video conferences and "messenger coffee breaks"
  • Flexible working hours during the week
  • Open family calendar where recurring family breaks during the day are entered

Website: www.erfolgsfaktor-familie.de 

Source of figure: Netzwerk Erfolgsfaktor Familie