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Strategic Payer Plan

  • The Strategic Payer Plan is primarily being used...
  • at the development decision for a phase III program
  • around the time of filing
  • launch readiness
  • Key questions being answered in a Strategic Payer Plan
  • Can the desired pricing and reimbursement status be achieved in key markets at launch?
  • How can the optimal value messages be supported by which evidence?
  • How do the phase III choices differ regarding cost and benefit assessments?
  • What activities are needed to support evidence needs of payers?
  • What pricing and market access potential is achievable based on product profile and payer assessment?
  • Which evidence besides the Phase III program is needed to optimally support the local pricing and reimbursement strategy (detailed)?
  • Included in the Payer Strategy Plan is the "payer evidence plan" which summarizes the proposed activities and resources required to enable next major development decision point (eg. specific evidence required to optimize market access)